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Contractor Brotherhood is your go-to community to learn how to buy and sell a business!

The Contractor Brotherhood was created to help educate contracting and home service business owners on how to successfully buy and sell their businesses.

Whether you would like to buy or sell an existing business, we guide people to make the best decisions for them, their families and their communities.

Backed by a professional network of seasoned contractors, business coaches and brokers, we seek to be the #1 source for buying and selling contracting and home service companies.

Let the Contractor Brotherhood help you buy or sell a business today!


Thinking about selling your business?

Every contractor or home service business owner goes through three stages

What stage is your business in?

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Fix My Business

You’re tired of being overworked and underpaid, feeling totally exhausted.

You’ve hit a wall and are ready to fix and grow your business. But you are not sure what to do next.

We specialize in helping contractors fix their daily operations so they can take their company to the next level.


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Scale My Business

You are looking to master the art of building a solid team around you to take your company to the next level.

Now, you just need the proven systems and strategies to scale your business to the next level to set you up for your exit plan or retirement.

Since we have done this ourselves, we can give your the blueprint to achieve your goals. 


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Sell My Business

You are thinking of selling a contracting or home service business. You understand it requires careful planning and execution but you are unsure of the right steps to take.

Our expert tips and insights will give you the expert knowledge of what it takes to make a successful sale and command the best price

You’re running your business going 100 miles an hour with no end in sight.

With the uncertainties, questions and the loneliness of running a company, you need a guide to help fix some of your business prcesses and marketing.

Someone who can help take you and your business to the next level.

Bottom line, you are ready to man up and level up to secure you and your family’s future.

What Contractors Are Saying

“Systematizing and scaling my plumbing business seemed impossible until I joined the Contractor Brotherhood.

With Moe’s expert guidance, I fixed and scaled my company in less than two years in order to transition into retirement with a steady income and peace of mind.

I could have never done it without their help!”

John Grey

Grey's Plumbing

“I couldn’t have navigated the complexities of selling my HVAC company without the help of the Contractor Brotherhood.

Thier network and knowledge were crucial for me in getting the perfect deal so I could retire with an income.”

Dylan Thomas

High Country HVAC

“I’ve learned exactly what I need to do position my company to sell and retire by the time I’m 55. In the last 60 days, I have grown my revenue 3.5x and my local branding and marketing campaign iare paying off big time!

Moe and the Contractor Brotherhood are the real deal.”

Richard Thompson

Electrical Contractor, Thompson Electric

Meet Your Coach

Hi there! I’m Moe, the founder of the Contractor Brotherhood.

In the past twenty years, I’ve founded, and sold two different businesses.

Today, I run a small mold remediation company in San Diego County, California working only 4-6 hours a day with the people and systems I built. 

Retiring from or selling a small contracting or home service business can be very difficult.

In fact, a staggering 90% of businesses fail to sell.

The consequences of inadequate preparation can be severe, resulting in a lack of retirement funds and a sense of uncertainty.

It’s a harsh reality that many business owners face.

My mission with the Contractor Brotherhood is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully sell your business or create a sustainable retirement plan, ensuring a secure financial future.

If you need some extra help or would like a coach to assist you, please book a free strategy session to see how I can take you and your business to the next level.

Learn How to Fix, Scale, or Sell a Contracting Business

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