Phone Leads vs Form Leads: 7 reasons why phone call leads convert 10 times better

by Moe Bedard | Apr 3, 2023 | Marketing

In today’s digital age, businesses have a wide range of tools available for generating leads. From email marketing campaigns to social media advertising, there are many ways to reach potential customers.

However, phone calls remain one of the most effective methods for generating leads for contractors in the construction and home service businesses looking to generate more business.

In this article, I will explain why they are more effective than email or web forms.

Over the last 15 years, I have also found that these are the simply best leads that you can get and several studies back up my own personal experience.

This is because phone calls offer a more personal and direct form of communication that allows for a two-way conversation and immediate feedback.

Inbound phone calls have 100% contact rates while research from estimates that 71% of web leads are never contacted.

When making a phone call, sales representatives can build rapport with potential leads by establishing a connection and engaging in a conversation. They can also address any questions or concerns the lead may have in real-time, and tailor their approach to better meet the lead’s needs.

Furthermore, phone calls can be more efficient in terms of lead generation, as they often result in immediate responses or actions from the recipient.

In contrast, emails and web forms are often less personal and may not receive the same level of attention from potential leads.

They can be easily ignored or filtered out by spam filters, and there is often a delay in response time which can lead to missed opportunities.

A study by found that phone calls are 10 to 15 times more likely to generate a response than email, and  approximately 71% of web leads were never contacted, while inbound phone calls achieved a 100% contact rate.

The study also found that sales reps who make six or more attempts to contact a lead by phone have a 70% higher chance of converting the lead than those who only make one or two attempts.

According to ConvertrMedia, 30% of form leads have incorrect phone numbers, 28% have incorrect emails, and 27% have incorrect names.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that different industries and audiences may respond differently to different lead generation methods, and that a successful strategy will likely involve a mix of different methods.

However, based on the advantages outlined above and the research cited, phone call leads may be a valuable tool for construction and home service companies looking to generate more business.

Now, here are 7 reasons why they are so effective:

Personal connection:

Phone calls allow for a more personal connection between the person making the call and the person receiving it.

This personal connection can help to build trust and rapport, which can lead to a higher likelihood of the person taking action on the call.

Immediate feedback:

Phone calls also provide immediate feedback, which can be helpful in identifying and addressing any concerns or objections that the person may have.

This can allow the person making the call to adjust their approach in real-time to better meet the needs of the person they’re speaking with.

Higher engagement:

Phone calls can also be more engaging than email or web forms, as they require active participation from both parties.

This can help to keep the person’s attention focused on the conversation, which can lead to a higher likelihood of them taking action.

Ability to overcome objections:

Phone calls provide an opportunity to overcome objections that may not be possible through email or web forms. For example, a potential customer may have concerns about the price of a product or service.

Through a phone call, a sales representative can address these concerns and explain the value proposition of the product or service.

This level of interaction is simply not possible through email or web forms, which can often lead to potential customers simply deleting an email or ignoring a web form.

Greater efficiency:

While it may seem counterintuitive, phone calls can actually be more efficient than email or web forms.

By speaking directly with a potential customer, sales representatives can quickly determine whether or not they are a good fit for the product or service being offered.

This allows them to move on to the next potential customer more quickly, rather than wasting time and resources on uninterested parties.

More memorable:

Phone calls are often more memorable than emails or web forms. This is because they provide a personal touch that can leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

This can be particularly important in industries where there is a lot of competition. By making a personal connection with a potential customer through a phone call, a business can differentiate itself from its competitors and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Easier to close:

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that companies that responded to leads within one hour were nearly 7 times more likely to qualify the lead (defined as having a meaningful conversation with a decision-maker) than those that responded even an hour later.

Phone calls were found to be the most effective way to make contact with the lead and qualify them.

By providing a personal touch, immediate feedback, greater control, the ability to overcome objections, greater efficiency, and more memorability, phone calls offer a range of benefits that simply cannot be achieved through email or web forms.

As such, businesses that prioritize phone calls in their lead generation strategies are likely to see increased sales and customer loyalty.

However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of phone calls versus other forms of communication can vary depending on the target audience and the nature of the business.

Some people may prefer to communicate through email or web forms, especially if they are busy and prefer to have a written record of their interactions.

It’s always a good idea to test different approaches and measure the results to determine what works best for your construction or home service business.

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