The Best Contractor Marketing Strategies for 2023

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Marketing

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Here is my latest YouTube video to help you learn the best marketing strategies for contractors in 2023.

These are some of the same techniques that we use in our multi-million home remodeling and plumbing contracting business in Southern California.

You can either do these marketing strategies yourself or hire someone like me to do them for you.

If you need help with your contractor like SEO, website design and or your paid ads, please shoot me an email to [email protected] or call 619-333-5422.

Welcome brothers. My name’s Moe from the Contractor Brotherhood and Mastercraft Plumbers and Restoration Mold Safe Solutions in Southern California today. In this walk and talk, we’re gonna talk about marketing your contracting business and your home service business in 2023.

What are the different methods?

What’s working for us here in Southern California and what I feel is going to be the ticket going forward to get the most amount of leads.

There are various ways to get leads in the contracting and home service businesses. Either you hustle and network to get referrals from people in your community, friends, and past clients.

You can also pay for the business.

You pay Yelp, you pay Google Pay per click, and then you get leads for that money that you spend.

You could cold call direct mail, you could network, join networking groups, and so forth, and all these different methods work to market your business. It’s a matter of what you’re gonna do and where you’re at in your contracting business to see what you’re gonna employ.

A lot of companies employ all these different methods as we do here.

We’re a 16 million home improvement general contractor and we also own a plumbing company. We also own a mobile home improvement company. We also own an electrical company. Then we also do remodels, then we do mold and water damage.

So we’re doing five niches that I’m gonna talk about in a future video that you’re gonna really wanna tune into to see exactly how we’re using these different niches.

As I often say, the riches are in the niches.

I like to share kind of what is working for us, and what’s not working depending again, where you’re at in your business.

Not everybody is a multi-million dollar or eight figure business, right?

Some are small five figure businesses, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You could be a six figure business.

You could be wanting to scale your contracting business, your plumbing company, your remodeling company, and take it to seven figures and, and above, right?

All the different marketing methods will work for contracting and home service businesses.

We’re all advertising and, and marketing on the same avenues, using similar methods, right?

So what really works for us is, is networking.

We network with other contractors, property managers, and realtors.

So we have this three-pronged approach where we work with contractors that don’t do what we do.

We work with property managers that need our services, and then we work with other con uh, realtors who are selling properties and, and moving transactions. Right? And that could be both in the residential and the commercial space.

Networking is a really great way if you don’t have a lot of money, and even if you do and you’re a big contractor to get more referrals and more leads on a consistent basis. So once you develop these networking relationships, whether that’s with a contractor who feeds you, leads, so for example, we hire.

Plumbers, which we used all the time. Now we, we started a plumbing company because we are hiring so many different plumbers. So our owner, Joe Martin, who’s a smart mofo decided, Hey guys, we’re gonna start a plumbing company because we’re just hiring too many different people. And then, the economy’s changing, right?

So if you’re in the remodeling business and you don’t got your head up, your ass or your head in the sand, you understand that we’re heading into some murky waters right now, a recession, right?

And this is gonna affect your business no matter how you want to think about it, because the interest rates are up, people aren’t refinancing as much, and they’re gonna have less cash to put in their house.

So you gotta anticipate that. So networking’s a great way. Yelp and Google Pay Per Click advertising.

Pay per cook advertising works, buying leads works if you buy ’em from the right places. So you gotta have reviews on these things for them to work really well. So, you know, what we’ve noticed is you, you gotta really work your Google.

Profile on your Yelp profile and keep a five star rating. You know, you could have a couple fours here and there, but you gotta average 4.5 to five. And then when you get a bad review, you gotta do all you can to fix that review. Pay that person, do whatever you can to get them to either delete the review or give you a five.

But these five star reviews work in tandem with your pay-per-click advertising. So if you work really well and hard on your reviews, and then you start advertising on these platforms, they’re gonna do really well for you. You’re gonna be competing, of course, you’re gonna be getting some, you know, fraudulent clicks here and there.

But for the most part, you’re gonna get a ROI if you work these leads properly, and you advertise for the right keywords for your specific niche before for what you’re targeting. You know, our company, we do basically every single one of our companies, we’re advertising, we’re doing a lot of search engine optimization, right?

I told you we do five niches, right?

So we got five websites, we got five. Actually, we have seven. And I’m not gonna share all those right now cuz it’s, it’s private.

But if you guys need any help out there, you’re a general contractor, you’re looking for, the idea of these videos is to help you help market your business, and then if you need any help, you need someone like me to kind of rearrange your marketing or help you with your search engine, engine optimization, help you with your ad campaign and so forth.

We could do that. Just drop me an email, [email protected]. Again, it’s help contractor or go to my website, contractor

I am offering my services to help people out there, whether you’re just beginning, you need a website designed.

You’re a contractor who’s been working for years and you’re, you’re wanting to expand your different niches like we’re doing here in Southern California.

You know, we started a plumbing company, electrical company, a mobile home company. All these different little avenues create leads and roads that bring in people and business. And you could be one contractor with these three different, four or five, seven different entities bringing in this business. So I help people with that.

Contractors. All right. So marketing your business in 2023 is the same as it was in 2022. It’s the same as it was in 2021. Truck wraps.

Yeah, if you wanna wrap your truck, you know, I do all the stats for our company and for other contractors that I work with. And truck wraps are maybe like 1% of total leads that come in through the door.

You’ll find referrals if you work ’em right, and networking could be about 40 to 50% of the business that comes in, you know, meaning that you don’t have to buy that business every month. But there is different incentives and. Different things like property managers. They want to, they want to get their, their estimates and their invoices a little bit lower than the standard.

Um, cuz these are investment properties for their investors, right? So there’s different things that you cut maybe off your price that you make up by not spending marketing on that side, right? And then the pay per click advertising, you gotta get it down on Google.

You gotta know what you’re doing.

So you either do this yourself in 2023, you, you pick one or two different programs, meaning strategies to market your business, whether that’s networking or that’s pay per click advertising, a combination of the two.

You could do networking with cold calling if you don’t have any money. You know, but again, a lot of contractors do a little of everything and then they double down. The idea is double down on the areas in your business that you’re seeing success with your marketing, right? So marketing in 2023 is all about monitoring your marketing.

Understanding what is working, and what is not.

Discarding the things that aren’t working and then doubling down on the marketing strategies that are proving to have the best ROI for your contracting and home service business. Right? Those again, for us is networking and then pay per click advertising.

We’re spending a lot of money on, on pay per click between Yelp and Google. We get a good return on that.

You gotta work it every day.

And then on top of that, you have your past clients in a database and you could do email marketing. Welcome brothers. My name’s Mo from the Contractor Brotherhood and Mastercraft Plumbers and Restoration Mold Safe Solutions in Southern California today. In this walk and talk, we

Or it’s a special offer. Um, you can have an email go out to clients weekly that have not accepted an estimate, and it’s your unsold estimate email, giving them a special little discount or something, and an incentive to sign that darn estimate, you know? So there are all different types of different strategies.

I wrote an article with, I think I got 20, 25 different strategies that you could use, but again, you can get overwhelmed if you do ’em all.

You gotta pick 2, 3, 4, 5, even if you’re a big contractor, you should only stick with about five at a time and then measure those. Every, every week, every month as you’re going along and double down on the strategies that are working for you guys.

All right, so that’s pretty much it for this walk and talk brothers.

My name’s Moe with the contractor I help contractors in service businesses. Make more money by handling their SEO, their website, and their pay per click.

I’m someone that you can trust.

I do it for us here at MasterCraft and would be happy to show you what I could do for you.

Thank you and have a great day, brothers. Take care. Bye.